Good Words on Tour Fever

Tour Fever is like a text book about how the Tour de France operates. I was amazed at how it covered everything from the current racing scene to the history of the Tour de France.” —Frankie Andreu, Former professional cyclist, nine-time Tour de France finisher, team director, and cycling commentator

“Tour Fever is an insightful look at the world’s greatest bike race, the Tour de France. It educates the novice while providing cutting edge information and reference for the seasoned professional.  —Tom Danielson, Former professional cyclist, 8th overall in the 2011 Tour de France.

Tour Fever is the perfect title for a book so full of factual information about the world’s greatest bike race. But it is also a highly entertaining read, which will amuse the armchair fan for weeks on end—for the whole of July perhaps…” —Graham Watson, Tour de France photographer and author



Praise for Tour Fever from those inside the game

“A superb companion to the world’s greatest race, Tour Fever breaks down the race’s history, terminology, and traditions in a smart yet easy-to-use guide that offers something to both the brand-new enthusiast and the experienced racer. If you’re planning to tune into the Tour’s final days—and c’mon, dude, you should!—it’s the perfect companion on the couch. I’m sharing mine with the guys in the office—not so they’ll stop mocking me, but to show them that sports in July is more exciting than Astros at Padres.”–

“J.P. does a great job of capturing the majesty, drama and exuberance of Tour fever. It’s easy to recommend the book for experienced and novice cyclists alike, but the book’s greatest strength may be its ability to explain the race to a non-cyclist. It is the only book I would recommend to a cyclist’s partner. And for anyone wanting to share their loved one’s excitement, I can’t recommend the book highly enough.” —Patrick Brady, Publisher,

Praise for Tour Fever from critics

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