Praise on Audible

For those of us who have real Tour Fever, July can’t come soon enough. This marvelous book was published a few years ago, and reliving the excitement will make you feel better! An informative and entertaining read, Partland has provided just the thing to carry you over until the next Tour de France.

“A really good, though-provoking and useful read.
I always thought that most cyclists shave their legs to make it easier to don their tight lycra riding pantaloons —- at least many of my French neighbours tell me so if they are enthusiasts where I live.
This book says that it makes massage easier, hairless legs heal faster from accidents (hair follicles contain sweat and dirt that slows down the healing process) and hairless legs can have creams and oils applied much easier.

“That’s how detailed this book is. Mountains of little known facts about the tour and the various jerseys and explanations of tour ‘slang’—- something much used by the commentators on tv and if you’re not a bike rider they’re a mystery ! I don’t need to be told about football or rugby terms as I used to play both sports but as an armchair follower of Le Tour the book is superb.”

“Brilliant insider look into the greatest race of them all”

The Tour Fever Audiobook is well worth a listen.

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