Take the Masterclass. Then Experience Le Tour de France as an Expert.

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The Tour de France is coming. Take the Tour de France Masterclass.


Learn the race inside and out with Tour Fever.  The ultimate TdF companion guide.  In no time, you’ll be able to tell the commentators what they’re getting wrong and impress your friends with your deep understanding of bike racing in general and the Tour in specific.  And you’ll enjoy the race even more profoundly, as you’ll have a complete grasp of the players and the action.  You’ll have the fever like you’ve never had it before, and enjoy it even more.

Experience this singular masterclass either as an eBook  from Kobo , iTunesLulu, or Nook.  Or Audiobook.

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There’s nothing like the Tour de France.  There’s no book like Tour Fever. Take the Tour de France Masterclass.

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