The Tour (and Giro and Vuelta) Should reflect the social distancing guidlines of today.

Maurice Garin.

Racing must continue.

In 2020, not 2021. The sooner the better. For everyone’s sake.

I’m not just writing that as an addict, as someone who has written a book on the Tour de France, but as someone who sees the value of sport, of entertainment, to society. We need it. I love the Tour as it has become, would love to see a race similar to the 2019 vintage of the Tour occur in 2020, but it seems that the world has made that impossible. Rather than fighting this by postponing and somehow hoping the later date will allow for a Tour to mostly go on, we should embrace a more radical solution. — Hey! You must really like this to be copying it. Hope you’re not plagiarizing, but citing me properly. Quite a badge of honor for me. All the same, if you like it this much, you should be supporting Just Riding Along. Toss a few bucks in the jar. You’ll find it on the page you just copied this from….

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